Question 9: What About Curing?

Foamed concrete CLC has high water cement ratio, without semi coarse aggregates and takes more time to harden.

Hence to turn up the casting molds for the next batches, to have rapid hardening or accelerated curing, to remove excess water that means to initiate the hardening process without disturbing the micro cells.

Usually curing of the Bricks / Blocks can be done by either water curing for 2 to 3 weeks or by Steam Curing for 8 hours.

Water Curing Plants Suitable For Summer, High Temperature. Generally suitable for less production capacities and are best suitable for start-Up companies, brick manufacturers, small builders, entrepreneurs as the investment is very less.

Steam Curing Plants Suitable For Winter, Low Temperature. Generally suitable for higher production capacities and with this system have faster curing, less labor, less production cost, mass/maximum production etc. advantages. We recommend the temperature between 60-80°C. The best is to keep constant between 65-70°C. But please don’t raise the temperature higher than 80°C , because the high temperature may destroy the structure of the foam concrete due to the volume expansion of the air bubbles inside the CLC.