The application of foam concrete in road widening

Along with the economic development and the increasing traffic, there are many roads in China need to be widened.
Foam concrete has the characteristics of light weight, high flow performance and self-reliance after curing. It has the following advantages for road widening:
1. Can fill the soil vertically, save land and reduce the demolition. With foam concrete, this project almost needs no reclaim land.
2. It can reduce the filling load greatly and reduce the difference subsidence of the new and old roadbed in soft foundation section and the settlement of the building near the roadbed.
3. Delivered by pipe, so it need very small construction work area, and almost no impact to the existing traffic.
4. Construction very short , and it can reduce the cost and improve the benefit.
LD10S foam concrete machine is an integrated machine with mixing system, foaming system and pumping system. It is the best option for roof insulation, floor heating, backfilling and road widening. The maximum horizontal transporting distance is 500 meters, which can meet most requirement of project. This foam concrete machine adopts peristaltic pump, almost need no maintenance and the service lift is much longer than other kinds of pump. So, it can reduce your usage cost greatly.