Low Price Foam Concrete Machine Used for Floor Heating

Features of lightweight foam concrete for floor heating:
1. High heat resistance: foam concrete floor heating materials as inorganic materials, heat resistance can be up to more than 400 ℃. There is no thermal decomposition, thus the service life is long and won’t cause insulation failure.
2. Strong bearing capacity: the compressive strength is 0.6-0.8Mpa, with good compressive performance.
3. Green environmental protection and non-toxic harmless: lightweight concrete do not contain any toxic ingredients; foaming agent and various kinds of additive are also no volatile harmful substances, so it is advantage to the indoor environment.
4. Low cost: the cost is lower than using polystyrene foam plastic by 30%- 40%, with obvious economic advantage.
5. Simple techniques and easy construction: leveling after pouring foam concrete, which is completed by one time. Its construction speed is faster than using polystyrene foamed plastic board.
6. With integration and no seam, reducing heat loss caused by the joint.
GF15 15m3/H Foam Concrete Machine
GF30 Cellular Lightweight Concrete Making Machine
GF35B 35m3/h Foam Concrete Machine for Roof Insulation