Lightweight Foam Concrete Machine With Factory Price

Gaodetec lightweight foam concrete machine have been sold to Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Sri Lanka etc. Southeast Asia countires. CLC foam concrete machine has powerful functions for house building project, such as for block making, roof  insulation, cast-in-situ and floor heating, in view of they have a good performance in environment project, so also called, lightweight foam concrete making machine or cellular lightweight foam concrete machine.
If you want to know how to confirm foam concrete machine, need to make clear the capacity of the foam concrete machine. We will offer you the lightweight foam concrete machine with factory price. Different capacity will need different type and the foam concrete machine price is also different.
Foam concrete machine includes foam concrete mixer, foam concrete pump, wire cutting machine for cut big blocks into small bricks size.
If need 5-10m3 per hour foam concrete machine, will need: GM1000 Lightweight foam concrete mixer and GH50 CLC foam concrete pump;
When the capacity is over 15m3 per hour, if want to produce efficiency, one GW30B Foam concrete block wire cutting machine will meet your requirement.
Tell us your demands to, foam concrete block machine factory price will be offered to you soon.