Lightweight foam concrete machine for floor heating

Floor heating is a new kind of heating which become popular in recent years. In the future, the proportion of floor heating would rise to 60%, so there will be a promising market. Foam concrete is made of foaming agent, cement and some other auxiliary materials which is mixed by a certain proportion.

Foam concrete roof insulation
Our company can supply different models of lightweight foam concrete machine according different capacity. Foam concrete which is produced by our foam concrete making machine can save building materials a lot. Our lightweight concrete machine is easy operation and it can lower labor intensity very much. A set of foam concrete machine can construct 4000-5000 square meters of floor heating per day.

Floor heating and thermal insulation layer

We are a professional manufacturer of CLC foam concrete machine. Our cellular foam concrete machine has been exported to many countries not only because of cheap price but also good performance.

Price of foam concrete machine