Lightweight concrete machine for roof insulation

Our lightweight concrete machine is suitable for building floor, roof, wall, interior space, and so on. Usually the cement form building floor, marble, or choose other products.
As a new building material, the proportion of foam concrete is 380 ~ 1600 kg/m3 transport after curing machine, it can withstand the 0.3 ~ 8 mpa pressure. If you choose lightweight concrete, not only can reduce the building load, but also to prevent the noise transmission between the floor.
Using foam concrete roof can have good thermal insulation. The effect of heat preservation is 20 ~ 30 times that of ordinary concrete, so it can keep the loft of the indoor temperature and other floors are basically the same, make the room warm in winter and cool in summer. Roof by foam concrete grouting anti-seepage effect is good, and strong waterproof effect by adding proper additive, it can replace other waterproof material to solve the problem of roof leakage.
Foam concrete heat preservation and waterproof material, with high cost performance, its low cost, process is very simple.