Lightweight concrete brick machine weight of the foam

The weight of the foam should be stable and not exceed 80 g/l. The containment (or compression) must be as close as possible to 10 Litres in volume. Lightweight concrete brick machine is to keep the density of the foam in check. The foaming agent should not be brought in contact under any circumstance with oil, chemical or any other material that might alter its function. The emulsion of protein foaming agent with water must be used at the earliest. It is added in proportionate amounts and the mixture is thoroughly churned. It is similar to churning of egg to develop foam. This is done so as to obtain the foam effect in concrete.
The foam imparts free flowing characteristics to this mixture. This is due to the ball bearing effect of foam bubbles, thus enabling it flow easily into all the corners of compact molds of different shapes and sizes. This CLC brick making technology and machinery does not require any type of either vibration or compaction. Finally, the light weight bricks are cured with water for two to three weeks. Gaodetec has contributed immensely to the advancement of this technology in terms of time and money spent on it.