Lightweight concrete brick machine for sale

Lightweight concrete brick, also called CLC bricks, is the most modern construction marvel in this century. It is used for the construction of lightweight concrete brick machine. This new age modern method of making construction material is a worldwide phenomenon. It is the most endearing piece of technology evolution. Gaodetec is one of leading CLC brick manufacturing unit in China offering light weight bricks machinery at a low cost. We also produce foam generator and protein foaming agent. Basic raw material used in manufacturing CLC bricks are sand, cement, fly ash, aggregates of foam and water.
The on-site production set up and process in producing CLC light weight bricks involves dry density parameters to be maintained. It is between 300-600/800-1000/1200-1800kg/m3. The thermal conductivity levels are between 0.16 for 500kg/m3, 0.21 for 800kg/m3 and 0.28 for 1000kg/m3. It consumes least amount of energy with reusable industrial waste also known as fly ash, which is a green product that means free of pollution. The technology used in thermal insulation is foam concrete within a density of 250 – 550kg/m3 in CLC Bricks. This is primarily beneficial in thermal insulation, thus preventing protection from fire hazards in case of fire.
CLC Bricks technology in the production of light weight bricks is initially a mixture of cement, fly ash and water. These three are added and thick slurry is prepared. This is further mixed with protein foaming agent in an ordinary concrete mixer in ambient conditions. The foaming agent is diluted in 40 parts of water. The addition of pre-formed foam creates millions of tiny voids in the light weight brick material. Thus, the name cellular concrete (CLC) has been derived.