Lightweight cement foaming machine for sale

On a hot summer day, the surface of the roof temperature can reach 65 ℃, it will make people indoor very uncomfortable. Of course, we can use air conditioning to avoid this kind of situation, but it would increase energy consumption and environmental pollution. Therefore, it is important to choose a material and heat insulation, waterproof, and the environment, the material we need, and foam concrete are correct.
The Thermal Resistance of foam concrete is 5-10 times higher than normal block. The cost of in-situ foam concrete is only 40%-60% of other insulation material. Roof made of foam concrete won’t become cracking caused by changing temperature and it can prevent deformation of roof structure effectively.
Our GF10A lightweight cement foaming machine can transport foam concrete to the roof which is 80 meters high, so it is very suitable for many kinds of roof insulation. Welcome to contact us for more information of foam cement machine for sale.