How to make foam concrete blocks

Foam concrete blocks have many USES around the block. Lightweight concrete block is a great building materials is not only easy to use, but also very easy.
According to the traditional methods, we should first let the bubble foam generator, and then mixing the raw material, finally, we should put the foam into the mixer, mixing them again. This is very inefficient labor – wasting.
To solve this problem, we design and manufacture GM2000 foam concrete mixer machine. This mixer machine is program controlled, including pump system, mixer system and foaming system. It means all the procedures and be done in one machine.
Strength and curing time depends on the mixing, the mixing machine and consistency depends on your use of performance. Foam concrete mixer can ensure that we achieve the right consistency.
We can also supply hose pump for you to transport the foam concrete pump to mould. But if you choose our wire cutting machine to cut the foam concrete block, the efficiency would be improved once more.