How to choose lightweight foam concrete machine

It is one of the key technical indexes to measure CLC foam concrete machines. We have different models and capacities of cellular foam concrete machines, such as GM2000/1000 foam concrete mixer, GP30/GH series foam concrete pump, and GF15/25/25 lightweight concrete machine for roof insulation or floor heating. Selecting high-capacity foam concrete equipment can not only increase the efficiency but also shorten the time of producing foam, thus reducing the foam breakage during the process of mixing.
What is lightweight concrete
Better lightweight foam concrete machine, higher utility factor of foaming agent, and then saving more foaming agent. How to balance the utility factor? Measuring the density of produced foam under the same condition, the lower foam density and moisture content, the higher the utility factor of the foaming agent.
Lightweight concrete brick machine for sale
Normally, produced foam is even, with no connecting bubble, and has a thick foam wall, the stability of produced foam is good and not vice-versa.
foam concrete machine
Good products depend on a low failure rate. And the low failure rate of products depend on the merits of the accessories and the credibility of the manufacturer. Most important, ordering a good foam concrete machine from a company that has strong technical support and good service, means that you purchase the machine with an additional valve.