GH65 15m3/h hose pump for pumping foam concrete

GH65 15m3h hose pump for pumping foam concrete


GH65 15m3/h hose pump consists mainly of pump house, rotor, roller, idle roller, squeeze tube and driving unit. The squeeze hose is U-shape in pump house, when rotor drives roller to rotate, hose is deformed. After the roller rotate, the deformed hose recover by its elasticity. Thus the negative pressure in this hose is generated, sucking slurries, and discharging through outlet under roller’s push, finally forms pressure conveying of slurries.


  1. Compact size: hopper with agitator, hose pump, power combined in a base frame.
  2. Soft start: electric motor smoothly start and protect the motor.
  3. Low wear: the squeeze hose is the only wear part of the pump and can be replaced very quickly.
  4. Delivers even the most difficult materials.
  5. Quiet pumping process.
  6. Forwards and reverse, easily to removal the block.
  7. Clean on the line: Quick and easy cleaning.
  8. No residual concrete remains in the system.

hose pump for pumping foam concrete

Technical Data

Model GH65
Output 15m3/h
Hose ID(mm) 65mm
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50HZ
Motor Power (kw) 11
Max. pressure 15bar

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