High efficiency lightweight concrete machine

Some foam generators do not use a pressurized holding tank and makes use of a pneumatic or electric driven system to produce the stable foam. These generators are more versatile and are able to produce foam continuously. The better suited to medium to large production of foam concrete.
GF5 is our most hot sale small foam concrete machine. This machine is designed for construct, small volume, easy to move, pumping, foaming and mixing system are assembled as a whole body, conveniently to use. GF5 adopts one phase power source as power, the power is moderate, conveniently for family construction.
In conforming to the principle of equilibrium, the effective stress of the underlying soil remains unchanged from that existing prior to excavation and thus settlement of the construction is prevented.
Foam concrete allows saving big money as it can be applied directly on existing marginal ground such as peat or poor soils. Minimal lateral loading enables reduced building costs for earth retaining structures. Foam concrete allows construction on marginal ground reducing the need for piled foundations. High volume equipment with rapid installation reduces installed unit cost. Foam concrete requires lower maintenance costs due to the durability of foam concrete and lack of settlements.