Gaodetec foam concrete machines advantages

For the majority of consumers of foam concrete mixers, it is not easy to buy high-quality, preferential equipment. First of all, to find a good manufacturer with intelligent vision, only a good manufacturer can have good quality. Machine and ensure good after-sales service. In order to make the investment yield, on-site investigation is needed on the quality of the foam concrete machine to be purchased.
Concrete foaming machine made in China
The quality directly affects the qualification rate of the product. There are some methods to determine the quality of the foam concrete mixer as follows:
1. Fast foaming speed and uniform foaming.
2. No suspended matter, no drop, which is good for stable pouring.
3. The foam loss rate is small, and the foam proportion in the foamed concrete is maintained, so that the product has a stable density.
4. No dead angle design, the material is stirred firmly, the storage capacity at the bottom is less than 10mm, and there are no material residues on the four walls of the mixing drum.
5. Various materials can be mixed, such as cement, fly ash, mortar, sandstone, perlite and slag.
6. Variable speed stirring and internal structure change, easy installation, high stirring frequency and energy saving.
Lightweight foam concrete machine for sale
Gaodetec foam concrete machines have these features. If you are interested in our products, please contact us