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Foamed concrete bricks have grown into a leading product in the building block industry in recent years. Foam brick products not only have light weight, high strength, and crack resistance, but also impermeability and water resistance. After the block is built, the water absorption rate of the wall can be greatly reduced, and its frost resistance and weather resistance can be improved. The service life is greatly extended, which overcomes the shortcomings of high water absorption of aerated concrete blocks, the need to apply interface agents during wall painting, and easy cracking of walls and hollow drums. Foam brick can save the surface mortar and interface agent after masonry, saving labor and materials. Foam brick has the comprehensive advantages of long service life, good weather resistance, and no need for plastering.

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Foam brick production equipment is also known as foam concrete equipment. Foam concrete equipment can be produced using industrial wastes such as fly ash, electric lime, slag, slag, stone powder, river sand, etc. It has small investment, low cost, wide material, easy to use And other advantages.

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Gaodetec foam concrete equipment adopts full-automatic numerical control technology to make the production line work more reliably; accurate metering, feeding, high-speed mixing, rapid foaming, simplified production processes, and saving labor costs. This production line does not require the traditional autoclave “steam culture”, which can greatly save electricity and coal combustion. The production conveying track adopts the three-dimensional circulation type, which reduces the space occupation and the investment cost. No waste water, smoke, dust, Pollution, and noise are low; they belong to green environmental protection building materials and equipment.

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