GF100 fully automatic foam concrete machine for roof, floor and road cast in place

GF100 fully automatic foam concrete machine for roof


GF100 fully automatic foam concrete machine for roof, floor and road cast in place includes a screw conveyor, 2 concrete mixers, a foam generator and a hose pump, adopting Automatic PLC Intelligent Control System, High-Definition Intelligent Touch Screen Operation, Can Exactly Adjust The Density Of Foam Cement. The Capacity Is 70-100m3/H, Horizontal Pumping Distance Is 1000m, Vertical Pumping Distance Is 110m, Suitable To Make Floor And Roof Insulation. 

Technical Data

Model GF100
The actual output (m³/h) 70-100
Foam capacity(m³/h) 60-70
Foam concrete pump capacity(m³/h) 35
Max.pumping distance(m) Horizontal 1000
Vertical 110
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Total motor power(kw) 54
Total weight (kg) 6000
Over dimension(mm) 4000×1810×2450



  1. Beautiful: The shape is made of high-strength precision thickened steel plate, professional cover parts and sheet metal parts are manufactured and produced, and the appearance is beautiful.
  2. Convenience: The whole container design is adopted, and the structure is compact, which is convenient for transportation, lifting and construction.
  3. High efficiency: the production capacity is as high as 70-100 cubic meters / hour.
  4. Economy: Adopting the most advanced hose pumping system, the operation is simple, the failure rate is low, the maintenance is convenient and the cost is low.
  5. Stable: The output of the slurry is even and stable, and the density of the finished foam concrete is uniform and the quality is stable.
  6. Intelligent: Adopt automatic PLC intelligent control system, high-definition intelligent touch screen operation. The cement and water are fully and accurately weighed to achieve precise control of the water-cement ratio, thus controlling the bulk density of the foam concrete.
  7. Service: professional technical team and perfect after-sales service system, provide professional technical guidance and technical support 24 hours a day, so that you can buy worry-free.

foam concrete machine for cast in place


  1. Can be used for providing insulating layer On TheFloor. It can adjust the density according the mix design from 200-1600kg/m3.
  2. Can used for Roof Insulationof refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mine.
  3. Can be used for cast in palce or filling the tunnel, basement, voids cast in situ,etc.

fully auto foam concrete machine for cast in place

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