Foamed Concrete for Trench Reinstatement

Traditional mining using granular materials, usually gravel. Compaction is the main problem of this material. Not only is it impossible to achieve full compaction during the recovery, but the problem happened at the edge of the trench is not suitable for compaction machine.
In 1991, the new roads and streets act in the UK, by setting the new standard reinstated the openings on the highway, also includes a specification use foam concrete as backfill material.
Foam concrete in traditional material has many advantages, trench recovery:
1. Foam concrete setting fast, re – surfacing so could end up in a few hours.
2. The use of foam concrete is a very cost-effective labor and equipment.
3. ests have shown that as being significantly affected by freezing and thawing cycle of foam concrete.
4. Because the foam concrete do not need to compaction, compaction tools don’t need any.This is very important, because of frequent use of these tools will lead to vibration related diseases of the workers.
From all the work so far, it is clear that the foam concrete not only is a suitable substitute traditional granular backfill material, but it is also better, provide a more stable and more durable recovery.
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