GF10B foam generator for foam concrete machine

GF10B foam generator for foam concrete machine


GF10B foam generator for foam concrete machine includes A Screw Conveyor, A Concrete Mixer, A Foam Generator And A Foam Concrete Pump, adopts advanced control technology, can exactly adjust the density of foam cement. The capacity is 10m3/h, which is specially designed for small and midium-sized project. It can put directly on the truck for working. At present, our products have already exported to overseas markets, achieving a historic breakthrough.

Technical Data

Model GF10B
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h) 10
Motor power(kw) 13.2
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m) 40
Theoretical level transmission distance(m) 300
Mixer tank capacity(L) 350
Filling height(mm) 1000
Feeder size(mm) 2990*760*830
Overall dimension(mm) 2390*1490*1440
Total weight(kg) 1000


  1. Frequency Converter: Adopts digital control technology, can exactly adjust foam cement density.
  2. Static Mixer: Reduce the ratio of foam loss and guarantee the quality of the foam concrete.
  3. Hose Pump: Compared with screw pump and piston pump, the hose pump has almost no damage to the performance of foamed concrete.
  4. Screw Conveyor: Time-saving and labour-saving, very convenient to use.
  5. Dust Cover: Protect working people from dust, keep healthy.


  1. Can be used for providing insulating layer On TheFloor. It can adjust the density according the mix design from 200-1600kg/m3.
  2. Can used for Roof Insulationof refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mine.
  3. Can be used for producing foam concrete panels and CLC Blocks.

foam generator for clc blocks


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