GR5 foam generator

GR5 foam generator

GR5 foam generator is an airtight container, used to mix air, foam agent andwater. The foam maker includes an air compressor. Because it needs high pressure air to make the materials well blended, then produce foam.


1.Foam generatoris an equipment that it can make a certain concentration of aqueous solution of foaming agent. Foam generator itself cannot produce foam.

2.It inhales air and make air evenly dispersed in the aqueous solution of foaming agent, so that the surface-active substance of foaming agent form the electrical double layer and surround air on the surface of liquid film, finally form bubbles.

3.Foam generator and foaming agent is an interactive technical system, so theycan’t work alone.


Technical Data

Model GR5
Power 3kw
Voltage 380v
Foam volume 5-10m³/h
Dimension 70×50×90cm
Weight 70kg
Air compressor capacity 0.25m³/min
Bubble diameter 0.2-0.6mm


1.Small size, easy to carry.

2.Simple operation.

3.Durable and easy maintain.

4.Produce rich and continuous foam.



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