Foam Concrete Wire Cutting Machine Supplier From China

GW30B Foam concrete wire cutting machine is a machine in the foam concrete industry. This wire cutting machine could cut big foam concrete blocks into small size, such as  making the foam concrete bricks into 100-200-300-400-500-600-700-800-900-1000-1100-1200mm etc. (also could be customized) with high work efficiency.
Compared with the blade cutting machine, GW30B foam concrete cutting machine can cut blocks
1. Directly in the horizontal and vertical to keep the block more stable and get a good shape block; a wire cutting machine is enough;
2. 2-3 minutes can cut a large concrete block (1.2 * 1.2 * 0.6m) into the required size;
3. Low-line consumption, cost savings, especially for high-density foam concrete blocks.
4. Steel doors make routine maintenance easier.
Production Capacity:
0.8643M^3 600*200*75mm 96 pcs/mould
0.8643M^3 600*200*100mm 72 pcs/mould
0.8643M^3 600*200*150mm 48 pcs/mould
0.8643M^3 600*200*200mm 36 pcs/mould
0.8643M^3 600*200*300mm 24 pcs/mould
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