Lightweight Foam Concrete Wall Panel Produce Line

Foam concrete wall panel is one kind of light weight wallboard or lightweight wall panel, is widely used for interior walls, exterior walls, roof, bounding wall etc. building, can improve construction speed, reduce labor intensity, shorten construction period, reduce project cost etc. advantages.

Lightweight Foam Concrete Wall

How to produce foam concrete wall panel or lightweight wall panels?

The production line main includes:

Foam concrete mixer, mainly includes appending machine, mixing system, foaming generator etc.

Foam concrete mixer

Foam concrete pump: mainly includes pump, hopper for storage mixed material, rail (could let the foam concrete pump move easily)

Foam concrete pump

Foam concrete wall panel mould machine: mainly includes panel molds, pipes, hydraulic power packs etc. the panels’ thickness and length can be adjusted according to your demands.

Foam concrete wall panel mould machine

Electric hoist: mainly for tube pipes drawing and hanger panels from panel molds.

Electric hoist

from panel molds


Factory requirement:

Factory area: 500-1000m2

Workers: 3-4 persons:

Power: 15kw