Foam concrete wall panel machine for sale

The latest development of building partition or non load-bearing wall is foam concrete panel (CLC). They were made of 950 kg/m3 foam concrete, so that they have enough strength. Since the plate is bigger than block, faster method is to construct the wall panel. More importantly, foam concrete is a fire, it provides a good thermal insulation and acoustic (sound).
This is method of prefabricated building low-cost housing and economic advantages through its use. Building wall is the most important component, it can be analyzed, based on the needs, improve the construction speed, reduce the project cost.
GF30 foam concrete machine manufactured by GEC is specially designed for making wall panel. This unit includes a GM2000 mixing machine and a GP30 concrete pump, it maximum capacity can reach to 30 m³/h.
The foam concrete wall plate outlet pressure is high, can satisfy the need of high-level components used in the automatic control.