Foam concrete roof insulation construction

Foam concrete roof insulation construction process:
1. Construction preparation:
Cement: Portland 325 should be more than ordinary Portland cement, slag cement can also be used, the role of aggressive media, should be based on design requirements to choose from.
Sand: Sand, shall not contain debris. The mud content before screening should not exceed 3%, and the 3-5mm pore size must be used.
Admixture: Admixture selection and dosage should be consistent with the GB-50119-2003 design requirements and norms.
The main equipment are: foam concrete machinery, mortar mixer, iron trowel, broom, t knife, scraper rod and so on.
2. Primary treatment: clean up clean debris, water wet.
3. Bubble preparation and use:
Foam used in foam concrete should be made using special equipment. Foam diameter should be controlled between 0.5-2mm, and should be flexible, not broken. Foam concrete should not be used for longer than 20 minutes.
4. The leveling layer and the insulation layer should be constructed at the same time. The gradient of the insulation layer should meet the design requirements. The basement and the prominent structure of the roof (sub-walls, gables, skylights, deformation joints, chimneys, etc.) Into a circular arc; in the outlet around the outlet, leveling layer should be made into a slightly lower pit.
5. The total thickness of more than 10 cm, should be layered construction.
6. Flat roof structure to find the slope, the slope should not be less than 3%; use of materials to find slope, the slope should be 2%; gutters, drains vertical look at the slope, the slope should not be less than 1%.
Foam concrete roof insulation construction need to pay attention to the following points:
1. When the bulk density is less than 300kg / m3, the construction accelerates the coagulant. Quick setting agent content is generally 2% -8% of the amount of cement. Accelerator, construction temperature and engineering requirements appropriate to increase or decrease the content of admixture, the specific increase or decrease should be determined experimentally.
2 construction site temperature should not be lower than 5 ℃.
3. After construction, should be moisturizing and maintenance.
Foam concrete roof insulation function:
1. Insulation: thermal conductivity 0.080-0.16W / (m • k), ordinary concrete thermal resistance of about 20-30 times.
2. Light: Dry weight 300-700kg / m3, is 1 / 5-1 / 8 of normal concrete density, can reduce the overall load of the building.
3, Honest: Casting site construction, combined with the closure of the main project, leaving no seam and trachea.
4. Sound insulation: foam concrete contains a large number of independent bubbles, evenly distributed, the amount of sound absorption 0.09-0.19%, 5 times that of ordinary concrete, with good sound insulation.
5. Compression: compressive strength 0.3-2.2Mpa.
6. Waterproof: foam is relatively independent, good overall, with a certain waterproof performance.
7. Anti-cracking: low shrinkage, crack resistance is 8 times that of ordinary concrete.
8. Durability: same as the main project life.
9. Construction is simple: flat roof do not look at the slope.
10. Economy: 20-50% lower than other roof insulation materials.