Foam Concrete-Roof insulation Application

Foam concrete is within the normal concrete air bubbles. o with the same characteristics with many extra advantages.
Foam concrete (CLC) block is used to build villas, wall insulation multi-storey building and internal partition.
Can produce and also CLC floor and roof. The roof can use it because of good insulation and lightweight. Installation of floor CLC provide faster and cheaper alternative, because the flow and self-leveling properties.
CLC is easy to use portable GF 10 foam concrete machine. The composition is cement, sand, water and foaming agent. Foam concrete mixer of components, in the hybrid add special foam generator of bubble, the bubble machine. Generated foam concrete pour into special die block or on the floor (roof) construction site. It pour hose, attached to the foam concrete machine. You don’t need any additional equipment of foam concrete from the foam concrete machine mould is transferred to the floor (roof).