Foam concrete roof insulation

Foam concrete can be applied to roof insulation, floor heating engineering, indoor and outdoor cushions, indoor and outdoor insulation, non-load-bearing walls, new energy-saving bricks, earthquake resistance, sound insulation and other construction projects.
In terms of the advantages of roof insulation, because the foam concrete made by our foam cement plant is a high-strength insulation material, the compressive strength is 0.25-1.50Mpa. According to the engineering requirements, the strength and bulk density can be controlled by changing the ratio of raw materials, and the process is easy to control. The roofing insulation material made of foamed concrete, especially the roofing insulation material of the upper body, has its unique advantages, which completely solves the advantages of insufficient strength and short service life of the previous insulation materials. Its water absorption rate is small, and it contains a large number of independent bubbles in the foamed concrete, and the distribution is uniform, and the overall water permeability of the material is low. Its construction fluidity is good, because foamed concrete has unique liquid and strong foaming, strong fluidity, long-distance pumping, high working injection capacity, high degree of mechanization, hose pumping, direct pouring .
Moreover, the construction operation is difficult, and the foamed foam concrete works on site without occupying other supporting equipment. The construction speed is fast and the integrity is good. It is closely combined with the main project, and does not need to leave the gap and the vent pipe, and has a lower elastic mode. The amount is not easy to cause empty drum cracking.
Using foam concrete made by our foam concrete machine as roof insulation and floor heating material has good effect, and it is environmental friendly, can be recycle, also its cost is very low compared with concrete. More importantly, if you line in the foam concrete house, you will feel warm in winter and cool in summer, very comfortable.