Foam concrete mixer machine for sale in Russia

Foam concrete also called Cellular Lightweight Concrete is widely used in building industries in many countries, Such as the Philippines, India, the United States, German, etc. Of course, foam concrete in Russia is more and more popular.
How to make foam concrete? We need to solve this big problem.
First, we need a foam concrete mixer machine for sale, because this machine can not only produce rich foams but also can mix the cement and sand evenly. We do not need to spend more time mixing slurry and making foams. Just use this foam concrete mixer machine, we can do these two steps. And we do not need to spend much time, this foam concrete mixer machine is very efficient, in just about 5 minutes, we can finish.

Foam Concrete Roof insulation

Second, we need to mix the foam and slurry. Using our hands to mix them, no, it is time-wasting and labor-wasting. So we still need a pump to do this step. The foam concrete pump can mix the foam and slurry evenly and at the same time pump the foam concrete out from the outlet of the foam concrete pump.

Low Price Foam Concrete Machine Used for Floor Heating
Foam concrete mixer machine for sale in Russia

Third, if you want to improve the efficiency, you can choose to match a screw conveyor or belt conveyor, let the conveyor feed the cement and sand, very time-saving.

Lightweight Foam Concrete Machine With Factory Price

In this way, we already have a feeding system, foaming, mixing system, and pumping system, it is a full foam concrete production line. Maybe you will worry about you need to get all the four parts in different places, it is terrible.
In order to solve this problem, we specially designed a new type foam concrete machine, it has already put all the 4 parts in one, you can get them at a time, very convenient. And if you need foam agent, we can also supply it.