Foam concrete machine for casting wall

Foam concrete machine is mainly used in two aspects: one is cast-in-place foam concrete, foam concrete floor, foam concrete roof, foam concrete casting wall, etc; the other is foam concrete precast products, such as, foam concrete blocks, foam concrete panels, etc.

Foam concrete machine for wall casting









To make foam concrete wall, there are 2 ways: one method is directly pouring, use foam concrete wall formworks to stand, and then pouring foam concrete into the foam concrete wall formworks for casting wall; the other method is making foam concrete CLC blocks by foam concrete machine, and then use the foam concrete CLC blocks to build a wall. Obviously, the first method is conveniently and quickly, so this method is widely accepted by the engineers and workers.

Use the first method to make foam concrete wall, you need the foam concrete wall production line includes wall casting foam concrete machine, foam agent and foam concrete wall formworks.

Foam concrete machine for casting wall















Foam concrete machine for casting wall is our main product, we have many different models from 5m3/h to 100m3/h, it is specially designed to make foam concrete walls. Our wall casting foam concrete machine has frequency, it can adjust the density of foam concrete exactly, so that you can get high quality foam concrete wall and houses. And our f foam concrete machine for casting wall is a full foam concrete wall production line, you can get it at a time, do not need to get every part again and again, time saving and cost saving.

foam agent










Foam agent is very important to produce foam concrete. Our foam agent is plant protein foam agent, has good stability, so it can hold foam concrete structure more stable. And our foam agent is 200kg/drum, 1 ton is 5 drums.

For the foam concrete wall formworks, we also have. If you are looking  for more info, please feel free to contact us.