GF30 foam concrete machine with pump

GF30 foam concrete machine with pump

Cellular grout is common cement slurry combined with precise amounts of density controlled foam. The cement slurry and foam are mixed producing a lightweight mixture containing uniformly distributed air cells. In it’s rigid form it can be thought of as cement based grout having air as the aggregate. Compressive strength ranges from 20 to 3,500 psi. are available. Cellular grouting is used for filling voids, pipe abandonment, voided slab fill, decommissioning and abandonment of underground tanks and structures, mine stabilization and abandonment, and annular space grouting.

Technical Data

Model GF30
Foam cement throughput 20-30m³/h
Max convey height 150m
Max convey level 1000m
Primary motor power 31kw
Feeder electrical power 1.5kw
Mixer feeding height 1100mm
Mainframe appearance size 2200×1540×1760mm
mixer appearance size 1940×780×1470mm
feeder appearance size 3800×760×830mm


foam concrete machine


A complete set of GF30 foam concrete machine with pump: 

Description Quantity
Main Machine 1 set
Mixer 1 set
Feeder 1 set
compressor 1 set
foam generator 1 set
Conveying Hose, ID50mm, Length 100m 1 piece
Water pump 1 set
Water pump hose 1 piece


foam concrete machine with pump for floor

foam concrete machine with pump for roof insulation heating


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