Foam concrete machine made in china

Foam concrete machine product features
1. Measurement quasi: Adopt low-speed and high-precision metering pump. When the material temperature, pressure and viscosity fluctuate, the mixing ratio will remain unchanged to achieve the highest quality rate;
2. The pouring head has advanced structure, reliable performance, convenient operation and simple maintenance, and can be used for front and rear, left and right, and up and down three-dimensional movement.
3, Computer controlled pouring and automatic cleaning.
Foam concrete machine product performance
Foam concrete machines are controlled by a computer controller. The computer controller uses today’s advanced MCU unit-embedded technology, which is accurate on time, easy to operate, and easy to maintain. The alarm relay prompts the completion of the previous injection and prepares for the next injection.
Foaming principle
A, B two components of the original solution, the precise ratio and high-speed mixing, from the two high-precision metering pumps, the A, B two components of liquid feed each to the mixing head. After high-speed strong stirring, the material liquid is evenly sprayed to form a desired product.
Machine classification
From the power classification can be divided into: high-speed impeller type, high pressure air type, blast in the low pressure type.