Foam concrete machine for underground filling

Bubble concrete, also known as lightweight concrete, is a popular building material. With strong flow ability, low weight, low aggregate consumption, controlled low strength, excellent insulation performance. Because of these advantages, widely used in underground filling, roof, roof insulation, floor heating, CLC blocks and so on.
In the excavation of poor soils that are not easy to compaction, the foam concrete forms a 100% compaction foundation on soft soil. Conventional pellet backfilling to hold the structure or deep foundation compaction may result in damage or movement of adjacent structures. In these cases, foamed concrete with reduced lateral loads is a safe solution.
Foam concrete as underground filling materials, is now widely used in China subway construction, and achieved good results. In addition, it significantly reduces project costs.
Our GF10A foam concrete machine has a small size, large capacity, high efficiency, very suitable for underground filling.