Foam concrete machine for sale

Foam concrete machine is a kind of light structure, which can greatly improve the energy-saving effect and heat and sound insulation effect of wall. Therefore, the quality of foam concrete itself is a bit high. Foam concrete machine for sale, most foam concrete machine play an important role in manufacturing industry. If there is no foam concrete machine, it is difficult to realize the roof insulation function.

foam concrete machine

The foam concrete machine of our company adopts advanced hydraulic control technology, which has a high degree of automation. Equipped with prefabricated, foaming and stirring mixture, outlet, and delivered to single automation equipment. The whole set of equipment firstly uses mud to prepare water and cement in proportion, then the water and foaming agent pass through the air compressor on the other side to form fine bubbles, and then the mud and foam are mixed in proportion to form the required foamed concrete. In order to increase the outlet pressure, prefabricated foam concrete is installed with double-cylinder piston structure, so as to effectively control the hydraulic system. And the equipment itself has full automatic control, various production costs can be applied in proportion, and the density of foam concrete can be adjusted. The combination of various foaming agents improves the foaming effect, and the production cost and quality are reliable and stable.Foam concrete used for void filling

The operation process of foam concrete machine is as follows:
1. According to the strength and density of foam cement, design the insulation layer thickness of the building
2. Find the elevation and elastic line, determine the thickness of foam concrete, stick it on the elevation of cement slurry, and then pull the test tube. At the same time around the construction face installation template.
3. Mix the mud evenly. According to the ash ratio, water is sent to the mixer in the pulping and papermaking machine set, and then the foaming agent and water are mixed to form a foaming agent, which is foamed with the filler in the mixer to obtain a uniform foamed product.
4. High-pressure hole, which pumps high altitude to the building construction site through pipeline.
5. During construction, observe the pouring flow and pressure, and strictly control the pouring thickness and wall roughness. It can’t be too thick, which leads to excessive weight, high cost and too small thickness of the wall, which affects the insulation effect.
We can customize foam concrete machine according to your project. If you need it, please contact us!

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