Foam concrete machine for residential house

Lightweight foamed concrete (also called foamed concrete) is a kind of foam made with special raw materials and machinery. It is formulated in this way and then added to earthen material blocks to form a mixture of concrete, which is then molded on site and preserved naturally. The formation of a large amount of lightweight material roof insulation layer uses foamed concrete to combine the constant temperature layer with the slope layer, thereby simplifying the construction process of the constant temperature layer and forming a whole with the concrete roof. We have developed a high-quality foam concrete machine for residential house.

Lightweight concrete brick machine weight of the foam

Our company has more than ten years of experience in the production and sales of foam concrete machine for residential house. The foam concrete produced by the developed foam concrete machine has the following advantages:

Lightweight foam concrete machine for sale

The operation and cost efficiencies of foam concrete

1. Durability and impact resistance
Advanced materials and prefabricated components combine the advantages of lightweight concrete and mortars to overcome common building cracks. The overall structure is sturdy and durable, able to withstand strong earthquakes;
2. Large span without pillars
The system can realize a large area of ​​column-free space, meet the requirements of different ranges such as 8.4 meters, 6.6 meters and 3.3 meters, and provide the greatest flexibility and achievable internal space;
3. Save energy and save energy
The walls and mezzanine are made of lightweight concrete channels, and mortar is applied to the surface (compatible with various surface decoration materials) to achieve indoor thermal space in winter and summer and summer expenses. The sound insulation problems of traditional mezzanine cards and sound insulation systems have also been solved. The space creates a more pleasant experience;
4. Easy to build
The standardization of factories, equipment, design, installation and production has greatly shortened construction time and improved construction efficiency;
5. Flexible appearance
The independence, flexibility, development and variability of the follow-up space have been strengthened by rapid and clear construction technology and material characteristics;
6. Save resources
The material type specification is simple, the execution process is efficient, and the speed is fast, which greatly reduces the waste in the execution process and minimizes the resource consumption;
7. Natural livability
Breathable lightweight partitions and soil ensure a comfortable, harmonious and stable living environment;

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