Foam concrete machine for making bricks

Gaodetec Equipment has two solutions for making foam concrete cellulous blocks.
The solution1
If you want to build a big foam concrete brick factory, it need foam concrete mixer, foam concrete pump, large die, wire cutting machine, etc.
In this case, after mixing, pump injection mold (1200 x1200x600mm) foam concrete, after 4 to 5 h, according to require the use of the whole line cutting machine cut into the required size.
The solution 2
If the budget is limited, can not to choose die cutting machine, can be manually mould casting foam concrete (already in the required size), then remove the mold
In this solution, it takes about 3-5 workers, if one day (8 hours) of 100 cubic meters of foam concrete block, will need a LD2000 foam concrete mixer, LH50 foam concrete pump, manual mold (such as you can in your local).
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