Foam concrete machine for fuel tank building

Foamed concrete is also known as lightweight concrete because of its low density and high compressive strength. Foam concrete is now widely used in the construction of fuel tanks and cooling towers. Foam concrete can save a lot of costs compared to concrete and stainless steel. In addition, better thermal insulation to ensure fuel safety and quality. Foam concrete can also be prefabricated. Because of the light weight of concrete, hoisting, installation and construction is very easy.
The GM2000 Foam Concrete Mixer is our best-selling foam concrete machine and is ideally suited for the construction of fuel tanks of any size. GM2000 program control, feeding, foaming and mixing are automatic. We can also supply other models of high capacity foam concrete machines. The maximum capacity can reach 100 cubic meters per hour. If you want to provide more solutions for your project, please contact us.