Foam concrete machine for filling voids

Cracks in concrete floors often indicate slab foundation settlement problems. This problem is the most common “flat” homes and buildings. This is where the floor is closer to the ground and therefore more affected by the soil changes below.
Soil moisture changes and densities occur when concrete slabs change, and the result is usually subsidence. An example of these changes is the soil drying up due to prolonged drought conditions. Or this can be attributed to loosely compacted fill, consolidated under the slab.
Foam concrete is now the best material to fill the void. We recommend using high-density polyurethane to crack, settle slabs instead of concrete and mud. It begins with a chemical reaction that causes the foam to expand with great force, pushing the concrete to its original horizontal position. Will also flow loose soil, to fill the gap caused by the settlement. It is used to fill the void below the concrete slab lifted by the quay system.
Our GM2000 Foam Concrete Mixer and GP30 Foam Concrete Pump are ideal foam concrete machines for filling voids. For any such project’s needs, please contact us for more support.