Foam concrete machine for external wall thermal insulation

Gaodetec is China’s famous CLC foam concrete machinery manufacturers. We have been committed to contributing to the infrastructure development in all parts of the world, especially in Asia. Last month, we established a good relationship with GAEA Engineer & Contractors LTD. GAEA is a renowned Indian contractor, founded in 1991. They introduced new technologies in the field of exterior insulation and introduced the most advanced honeycomb lightweight concrete in China to help paradigm shift their understanding of foam concrete needs.
Our first products include a GM2000 foam concrete mixer and a GP30 foam concrete pump starting from Shanghai to India. Through our foam concrete machinery, GAEA will establish their first foam concrete insulation wallboard production line. Both of us think we will have more and more cooperation in the future. Our LD2000 foam concrete mixer can be used not only to make CLC blocks, roofing, insulation or foundation backfill.