Foam Concrete Grouting Application

Foam concrete is also known as cell lightweight concrete, light weight, high compressive strength, thermal insulation, impermeability, cost saving, etc.
Now cell of lightweight foam concrete materials instead of the normal concrete in many fields.
Cells of lightweight foam concrete is a process by the following:
1.Cement and water in a blender;
2. To a certain mixing ratio, through the hydraulic cylinder pressure as transmission pipeline;
3. According to a certain proportion of foam mixed with water, and then by the high-pressure pump mixed with compressed air;
4. Formed in the pipeline high-density foam and meticulous, eventually forming the foam cement slurry pipeline.
After we get the cells of lightweight foam concrete, foam concrete pump, we use or grouting filling platform, the basement, the basement, hollow wall plate casting, sewers, drains, playground, tunnel, etc.