Foam concrete can your house warm in winter

China’s winter has arrived, especially in North China is really cold. How to spend this winter? We think warm floor can bring you warmth.
As a new energy-saving and comfortable heating mode, the floor radiation low-temperature hot water heating system is increasingly used in a variety of housing construction. About 60% of the future housing heating and heating, flooring heating building materials market will have a huge market. Foam concrete is the best insulation for floor heating. It is made of water, foam, cement and other auxiliary materials.
As a kind of thermal insulation material, foam concrete has more advantages:
1.Heat insulation performance is good. Thermal conductivity less than 0.20 W / (m.k).
2. High thermal resistance. Foam concrete is resistant to temperatures up to 500 ° C. No thermal decomposition.
3. Environmental protection, non-toxic harmless. It does not contain any toxic components and is good for the indoor thermal environment.
Low cost. Foam concrete floor heating costs 30-40% less than styrofoam.
5 process is simple, construction speed.
6. Good sound insulation.
Our GF10A all-in-one foam concrete machine is specifically designed for floor heating and roof insulation. Maximum vertical transport height of up to 70 meters, to meet most of the construction requirements.