Foam concrete blocks application

In recent years, foam concrete blocks are widely used, mainly used in the following areas:
First, the insulation.
1) Roof insulation: cast-in-place foam concrete roof, energy-saving roof structure generally includes the structure layer, insulation, looking for slope, leveling, waterproof layer. Foam concrete for roof insulation, construction is the use of on-site pouring method, insulation, find the slope, leveling three in one, simplifying the insulation layer construction process, and the concrete roof as a whole. Can also use foam concrete roof insulation board, brick.
2) floor insulation: site floor insulation, floor insulation board.
3) Wall insulation: cast-in-place, foam concrete wall insulation, foam concrete block.
4) Composite wall panels: for the frame structure as a heat-insulated infill wall or made of steel composite wall panels.
Second, the project.
1) underground backfill.
2) Basis: Mainly used to compensate for the foundation, roads, bridges, tunnels and filling of large structures.
3) retaining wall: Mainly used for road slope protection, subgrade, shore, port. Mainly used as a port on the bank.
Third, the garden area
1) Light rockery, bonsai made of foam concrete.
2) light water floating products, such as floating landscapes, plants, rockeries and so on.
3) foam color decoration, imitation wood materials.
Fourth, industrial aspects.
1) pipe insulation: pipe insulation.
2) Fire-resistant applications: This is a more successful application in the field of foam concrete. Mainly used in the furnace pouring insulation, spray insulation, fire insulation tile.
3) chemical application: tank foot support, the bottom of the steel tank (including crude oil, chemicals) at the bottom of pouring foam concrete, if necessary, can also form a convex foundation to ensure that the entire tank bottom in the welding process of stress state, This continuous support allows the tank to use the bottom of the sheet. At the same time, the convex base is also easy to clean.
4) Ceramics industry: lightweight foam ceramic products.
We are a manufacturing, technical service and trading company in the field of cellular lightweight concrete. We have been working in this area for nearly 20 years and our foam concrete machine is mainly used for CLC block, wall cast-in-place and roof insulation. Over the past few years, Gatwick CLC has been used to produce more than one hundred thousand homes, apartments, schools, hospitals, industrial and commercial buildings.