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Foam concrete block making machine supplier are becoming more and more popular in the world. How to make foam concrete blocks? The foam concrete block making machine supplier has a special foam concrete block forming machine to produce foam concrete blocks.
The foam concrete block making machine is composed of feeding, mixing, foaming and pumping systems, and is a complete production line. This foam concrete production line can be used to produce a large number of foam concrete blocks. The production process of making foam concrete blocks is simple and easy, but it is very important that we need to maintain the foam concrete blocks after the production is completed.

What is lightweight concrete

Cover watering maintenance is based on the outside temperature. Generally, the concrete should be covered with straw, reed pipe, sack, sawdust, wet soil, and wet sand within 3-12 hours after pouring the foamed concrete, and watered frequently to keep it moist. The curing date of the foamed concrete shall not be less than 7 days and nights when Portland cement, ordinary cement and slag cement are mixed into the concrete.
The natural curing of foam concrete can be divided into covering watering curing and plastic film curing.

Lightweight concrete brick machine weight of the foam

If the maintenance of the foam concrete block is ignored, the performance of the foam concrete block will not be good, and it cannot even be used in engineering. Supplier of foam concrete machinery. We can provide you with foam concrete block forming machines, foaming agents and molds to produce high-quality foam concrete blocks for you.

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