GF10A foam cement plant

foam cement plant

GF10A foam cement plant includes A Screw Feeder, A Concrete Mixer, A Foam Generator (With Air Compressor) And A Screw Delivery Pump. The capacity is 10m3/h, horizontal pumping distance is 80m, vertical pumping distance 40m. It is used to make floor isolation, roof insulation, filling etc.


  1. The machine uses high-pressure screw pump, can convey max height of 40 meters.
  2. The weight is light, it is convenient to move or hang to floor for construction.
  3. It is easy to operate; the bubble will be produced continuously once switched on.
  4. The foam is exquisite even as the cheese. All kinds of foaming agent, both at home and abroad can be used.
  5. The power can be adjusted based on customer request. Our machine can reduce the noise, reduce the dosage of foaming agent, and thereby reduce power consumption.
  6. Compared similar machine, our product save about 50-100kg concrete per cube meter.

Technical Data

Model GF10A
Mixer system
Max. capacity 10m3/h
Rotate speed 35r/min
Volume 1000L
Motor power 3 kw
Feeder system
Motor power 2.2 kw
Length 2.5 meter
Diameter φ220mm
Pump system and foam system
Maximum output 10m3/h
Motor power of foam concrete pump 3 kw
Motor power of water pump 3 kw
Conveying distance 80 meters
Maximum vertical distance 40 meters
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Dimension 1520*1130*760mm
Total weight of all the four systems 750kg


  1. Can be used forFloor Heating. It can adjust the density according to the mix design from 200-1600kg/m3.
  2. Can used for Roof Insulationof refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mine.

foam cement plant pouring

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