Foam cement brick making machine for sale

1. Basic technical requirements for foam concrete
Foam cement brick making machine factory has certain requirements for foam when producing foam concrete, because the density of foam also has a certain influence on foam concrete.
The first is that the higher the stability of the foam, the better, and the longer the foaming time, the better, so that it can maintain its mechanical strength for a long time. The second is that the more uniform the foam, the better the bubble diameter. The uniformity here means uniform distribution, and the second refers to the uniform size of the foam. The third is that the smaller the bubble diameter, the better, should be 0.1 ~ 1mm, because the smaller the bubble diameter, the greater the strength of concrete. The fourth is that the lower the rate of bubble bleeding, the better. The last thing to note is that the foam has no negative effect on the gelling material before it can be used.
Although foam concrete requires a certain amount of foam, it is not a foam that can be used, we must guarantee the good performance of the foam concrete.
2. Foam cement brick making machine introduction
GF5 foam cement brick making machine is a kind of small one according our many years of working experience. It includes a cement and sand feeder, a foam concrete mixer, a set of foaming system and a foam concrete pump, adopts digital control technology, can exactly adjust foam cement density. This foam cement brick making machine capacity is 5 cubic meters per hour, which has wheels, very convenient to move. At present, our foam concrete brick making machines have already big batch exported to overseas market, achieving a historic breakthrough.