Foam cement brick making machine factory

As a foam cement brick machine factory, we have developing, producing and selling foam cement brick making machines for 10 years. There are some good experience can be shared.
1.The main raw material of foam concrete bricks
Foam concrete produced by foam cement brick making machine factory can be used to make foam concrete bricks, but what are the main materials for making foam concrete bricks?
The first is ordinary Portland cement, which can be used in grades 42.5 or 32.5. If you want to shorten the foam cement production cycle, it is better to use fast hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement. The second is the active admixture of primary or secondary fly ash, slag micropowder, etc., which can increase the performance of foam concrete. The third is the foaming agent, which is indispensable. If it is fast-hard Portland cement or sulphoaluminate cement, it can be used with any kind of foaming agent. If it is ordinary Portland cement, it will condense slowly, easy to defoam, so high-grade foaming agent must be used. There is also a slurry stabilizer to improve stability.
The above is the main raw material of foam concrete bricks. It is necessary to master the correct use method during foam concrete production, so that the quality of the foam concrete produced is good.