Foam concrete machine for casting wall

Question 1: How is foamed concrete made?

Question 2: What is CLC?

Question 3: What are the raw material?

Question 4: What’s the features of CLC?

Question 5: What are the applications of CLC?

Question 6: what are direct advantages of CLC?

Question 7: what are In-direct advantages of CLC?

Question 8: For Cutting Blocks, Saw Blade Cutting Machine Or Wire Cutting Machine Is Better?

Question 9: What about Curing?

Question10: Why recommend use PE membrane to cover the CLC bricks after cutting?

Question 11: After Steam Curing, How Long Can We Sell The Clc Bricks/Blocks To The Buyers?

Question 12: If making bricks, what is the Break-Even Period?

Question 13: If making bricks, Suitable Places of Production & Marketing?

Question 14: If making bricks, what’s the plant size is feasible?

Question 15: If making bricks, what about land, power & labor Requirement?