Different density of foam concrete application

The density of foam concrete, 200-400 kg/m3 is used in roof and floor insulation of heat and sound, rigid and application layer.Use brick wall of the leaves fill the gap between the underground, situation by filling in the insulation of the hollow blocks and other high insulation performance is required.
When the density of 500-500 kg/m3, it can be used in the manufacture of precast block and partition walls and curtain panel, false ceiling board, heat insulation and sound insulation articles in multi-storey residential and commercial buildings.The density of foam concrete range is suitable for batch fill the application.
When the density of 1000-1000 kg/m3, it is used for concrete block and panel leaves outside the building, the building decorates walls and floor and partition.
Our GM2000 15-20m3/h CLC foam concrete mixing machine could produce foamed concrete with different densities from 200kg/m3 to 1200kg/m3. Feeder system and mixed system is automatic, you only need to press the button to reach the levels you want.