Compressive strength of foam concrete

Why is the foam concrete not strong enough? How to improve the compressive strength?
First of all to high-strength cement as raw material. Cement strength is higher, foam concrete is higher.
The second factor is the cement ratio. The higher the proportion of cement, to ensure better mobility, so that the foam and cement slurry evenly mixed, compressive strength can be increased accordingly.
The performance of the bubble can also be a great impact on the intensity. If the foaming system of the foam concrete is not good, the foam made from it will be bad. In this case, the moisture content in the foam is higher and the density becomes higher. Evaporation will have a lot of holes, thermal conductivity will increase. It is not only a waste of foam, but also affects the strength.
Our foam concrete machine can mix the slurry very evenly. In addition, our foam system in the machine can produce high quality foam, so you get high performance foam concrete.