GM2000 20m3/h CLC Foam Concrete Mixer

GM2000 20m3/h CLC Foam Concrete Mixer

GM2000 20m3/h CLC Foam Concrete Mixer includes feeding system-Track And Hopper, foaming system-Foam Generator, mixing system-Foam Concrete Mixer, controlling system-Control System and storing system-Foam Concrete Tank. The foam concrete mixer is used to mix cement, sand, foams, etc. raw materials based on certain proportion into fluid foam concrete, and the foam concrete can be used for floor heating, roof insulation, clc blocks, cast-in-situ walls, foundation pit filling, tunnel filling, etc.

Technical Data

Model GM2000 foam concrete mixer
Production Capacity 15-20 m3/h
Output Volume 2000 L
Input Volume 2000 L
Main Shaft Revolution 32 r/min
Hopper Lifting speed 22 m/min
Total power 23.7 kW
Voltage 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Total Weight 3000 kg
Overall Dimension 2600x2250x3000mm


  1. No dead angle design, mixing material toughly, bottom storage<10mm, no material remains on the inner wall of the mixing drum.
  2. Variable speed mixing and internal structure alteration make its installation easy and mixing frequency high, and it saves energy.
  3. It can mix variable materials, such as cement, fly ash, sand pulp, sand stone, perlite, and slag etc.


  1. The foam blending fast, Blowing Foam Uniformly.
  2. Without suspended matter, without declining, can make Quality Foam Concrete;
  3. Little loss ratio of foam maintain the foam proportion in the foam concrete to make the products with Even Density.


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