CLC Foam Concrete Machine for Roofing Insulation

The foam concrete machine has 2 parts, including foam concrete mixer and foam concrete pump.
The CLC Foam concrete machine is good at roofing insulation project, they have big output flow and the high efficiency mixing.
The foam concrete mixer mainly includes mixer, feeder hopper, Foam generator, water pump, control panel, tank.
1. It could mixing variable materials, such as cement, fly ash, sand pulp, sand stone, perlite, and slag etc.
2. Specially mixing blades, mixing the material toughly, storage in its bottom is less than 10 mm, no material left on the four walls internal the mixing drum
3. Variable speed mixing and internal structure alteration make its installation easy and mixing frequency high, it saves energy.
In a word, the foam concrete machine with mixer and pump suitable for roofing insulation.