GF5H clc brick block making machine

clc brick block making machine

GF5H clc brick block making machine includes 2 Concrete Mixer, A Screw Conveyor, A Foam Generator And A Foam Concrete Pump, adopts advanced centralized control technology, can exactly adjust the density of foam cement.

The capacity is 5m3/h, which is specially designed for clc brick block making, and this machine with Auto-Weighting System, can automatically measure cement, sand, etc. raw material, very convenient to operate.

Also, this machine can Dilute Foam Agent Automatically based on designed ratio, very easy to operate ans use.


  1. Duplex mixer system to ensure continuous production and uniform density. This design can improve capacity and save labor greatly.
  2. Automatically control the proportion of the various components,density of foaming cement easy to be adjusted.
  3. High-quality wear resistant components for long service-life and also provide after-sales service security.
  4. Installed with walk round, can move on the ground or mounted on the truck.
  5. Can be used as cement foaming machine and mortar pump.

Technical Data

Model GF5H
Max. theoretical concrete put(m³/h) 5
Motor power(kw) 10
Theoretical vertical conveying height(m) 40
Theoretical level transmission distance(m) 300
Mixer tank capacity(L) 200&500
Filling height(mm) 880
Foam concrete machine dimension(mm) 2100*1340*1390
Total weight(kg) 1500


  1. Can be used forFloor Heating. It can adjust the density according to the mix design from 200-1600kg/m3.
  2. Can used for Roof Insulationof refrigerated storage space. Besides, it can be used for filling tunnel and mine.
  3. Can be used for producing foam concrete panels and CLC Blocks.

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