CLC block making machine in construction

A CLC foam concrete production line includes a mixing machine, foam concrete pump and cutting machine.A modern CLC foam block making machine can greatly improve the efficiency and reduce labor costs.
Foam concrete mixer
Foam concrete mixer can be mixed variable material such as cement, fly ash, cement mortar, sandstone, perlite, and slag, etc.Stored at the bottom is less than 10 mm, no matter on the four walls of the internal mixing tank.Variable speed mixing and internal structure change to make it simple installation and mixed frequency is high, save energy.
Foam concrete pump
Our foam concrete pump can meet the needs of high-level components used in the automatic control.Foam cement density adjustment easily use homemade quality to choose machine components and reliable after-sales service can use the high quality home – foaming agent, reduce construction cost and operation.
Cutting machine
Machine in the foam concrete is a kind of new products.It is specially used for cutting all kinds of foam concrete block.It is easy to operate, high efficiency.The block size can adjust.